As a working mum and wife life is hectic. Driving kids here and there, working as community care worker and also doing the book work for my husband’s business and running a household, there is not a lot of down time.

Cooking and filling my families bellies full of healthy, easy, not complicated food has always been my priority. Instead of opting for the packaged products we go for the fresh products, which are often faster to the table.

18 Months ago I had a serious medical emergency come up which left me not being able to drive or work for 6 months making it harder to get to the shops to buy food. I became more organised and more inspired to use what was around me in my pantry and fridge, substituting ingredients to suit what I had. It made me realise that recipes weren’t there to be followed to the tee, they are there as a guide, leave out what you don’t have and put in what you do. Be more creative, you’ll save money doing this too!

So combined with my love of working with the community and cooking, this website allows me to share my recipes with you so that you can then grow them and make your family favourites and go to meals.

Cooking fresh meals doesn’t mean I’m a slave to the kitchen, often it’s a case of needing dinner on the table in 20-40 minutes while still using fresh food or thinking outside the box for different breakfasts that are going to keep you full all morning.

Less packaged ingredients, more herbs and spices and simple meat and veg can go along way.

My recipes are all ‘tested’ on my family and friends, they keep them coming back for more and I hope they do the same for your family, making meal time for you just that little bit easier.